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Alex Martinelli

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About Me

Software Engineer and Data Scientist; experienced Java, Python and C++ programmer. Main expertise and interests are related to topics like machine learning, artificial neural networks, NLP, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, statistics and data science (data mining, analysis, prediction, visualization). Always open to explore and meddle with new technologies and paradigms.

Currently Watson Solution Engineer at IBM Dublin. EIT Digital Master Graduate with a double degree in Computer Science from University of Trento (Italy) and ELTE (Hungary); specialization in Distributed Systems.

AI and ALife worshiper, really just waiting to welcome our new robot overlords. Until then the designated reigning is data. Love playing with it: understand mechanisms, recognize patterns and make predictions. Inevitably got involved in movements like Quantified Self and Transhumanism, as well as interested in VR/AR, Brain-Computer Interfaces and Mind Uploading.

Also attempting to sustain my artistic side, practicing regularly with drawing, painting and 3D modeling. Occasionally working as a freelance artist, realizing both traditional and digital artworks.

Always trying to get better and learn more, while developing professional and social networks across the countries. Currently looking for valuable and stimulating working opportunities closely linked to Data Science and Machine Learning.

Additional interests include lucid dreaming and the overall understanding of the brain mechanisms, rhetoric, epistemology, behavioral science, skiing, fitness and nutrition.

Projects and Articles

You can find most of my projects on my Github page.

On Medium I sometimes describe goals and techniques used, or simply blog about topics relevant to me. See for example

Secondary Mildly Interesting Info

Books read and some personally-suggested Movies.

Closely related to the Quantified Self spirit, I am also very concerned about personal optimization, which I loosely define as “improvement of personal efficiency, by means of analysis and tweaking of behaviors, habits and routines”. For such task, I want to suggest (and advertise) TiddlyWiki as a personal wiki. For time management I tend to follow the Pomodoro technique, and a combination of Toggl and Wunderlist as TODOs and habits trackers.


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